Last Friday, I did a When’s God Gonna Show Up? Workshop for a group of women in Madison, WI. It was an awesome experience! The women were so open to my message, so welcoming, and we really had a good time together. It was one of the best workshops I’ve ever done.

As usual, I handed out evaluations to the participants. I need to know how I’m doing, what works, what doesn’t work, and how I can improve for future events. Most of the evals gave me high ratings and rave reviews. That’s good news.

One evaluation, however, gave me pause. This person gave me a lower rating than the others because she couldn’t buy my claim that God is indeed in every moment of our lives, big and small. She also criticized me for claiming to “know” that God is present in all things. Interesting. And sad.

It makes me sad to think that I failed in getting through to this woman, of assuring her of God’s immense and all-encompassing love for her. It makes me sad to think that she might be going about her life skeptical of God’s limitless power and intense interest in every aspect of His creation. It makes me sad to think she might be missing out on some of the most astounding moments of her life.

God is all-knowing and all-loving. How could it be that He would go through the motions of creating a world only to leave it shift for itself or let it sit on idle while He goes off and attends to other things?

If a human being were to create something, would the human ignore certain aspects of his/her creation and attend only to certain aspects? Think about it. If I build a house, I’d be interested in every aspect of its existence, wouldn’t I? I’d want to enjoy its existence, appreciate its beauty, marvel at its usefulness, tend to its needs, and prepare it for the future. I’d want to paint and repaint, change the storm windows to screens and visa versa, repair leaky pipes, maintain the heating and cooling system, furnish it, clean it, and form in it a pleasing atmosphere. I wouldn’t pay attention to only one room some of the time; I’d want to notice the whole structure all of the time.

If we humans are willing to do this for an inanimate object, why, then, would our heavenly Father not want to do this for us?

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