Last month, our daughter had a car accident, totalling her car and causing some (thankfully) minor injuries. A car turned in front of her, she swerved to avoid it, hit a patch of ice, lost control of the car, and slid across the road and head-on into a tree. Although the accident shook all of us, especially Monica, we thank God that it wasn’t more serious.

Today, Monica received a sweet little letter from the City of Milwaukee. It was an invoice, charging her $50 for “labor & materials to repair tree damaged by auto impact.” Fifty dollars? To “repair” a tree? Oh, give me a break!

What’s more distressing is this. Monica slid on a city street that hadn’t been fully cleared and hadn’t been adequately salted. Their street, their ice, their lack of salt, their tree, but my daughter gets charged for it. Pu-leez.

I’m all for keeping our city beautiful, and I do so love the tree-lined avenues for which Milwaukee is known. I am not, however, for government bureaucracy that charges arbitrary fees to accident victims. When the government cogs become more important that the human individual, we’ve got a problem.

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