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It’s been quite a week! Lots happening at the Fenelon Clan Abode, particularly from my desk! Below, you’ll find links to my latest posts and articles.

My message to young mothers at National Catholic Register:

Motherhood is a Gift from Heaven

About trying to forgive that one sin that gets your goat. Every. Single. Time.

Learning to Forgive the Unforgivable Sin

An amazing new outreach for women, founded by the marvelous Kelly Wahlquist:

Wedding at Cana Inspires Women’s Ministry

The January 2016 issue of Simply Holy is being sent out as I write this post. You can view the online version at the link below. It’s packed with exciting news about upcoming projects and progress, including my new, newest book! To receive the newsletter directly in your mailbox, subscribe on my homepage.

Simply Holy January 2016

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