Folks have gotten pretty ticked at me for “picking on” Mr. West. Well, so be it.

Even though you might find it hard to believe, I have tremendous respect for him, and think he has given the Church a tremendous gift in drawing attention to the Theology of the Body. I also admire his courage in stepping out into public life with a very important and sensitive topic. He no doubt loves the Church.

However, like Dr. Hildebrand, I find him getting more and more loose and crude in his language in a sensationalistic effort to engage his audience and increase his popularity as a speaker. To turn something sacred into something ”sick” (to use a pop culture slang term) is not the right approach. I’ve also met a number of folks who have come away from his presentations and even attended his Theology of the Body Institute with a completely wrong concept of the Church’s teachings on the use of Natural Family Planning and it alarms me!

Two things, by the way. First, I’ve written Mr. West with my concerns and received no response. Second, I had the same thoughts before reading Dr. Hildebrand’s cautions about him (she’s published other such articles). She simply affirmed for me what I’d already perceived.

I’ll get hit for posting this, but…tough. Let the stones fly…

New Von Hildebrand essay analyzes Christopher West’s approach to Theology of the Body :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

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