Ha. And men often accuse us of being scatter-brained!

We went thrifting Saturday, checking out a couple of outlets we’d never visited before. We found all kinds of cool odds and ends, including a number of nifty water glasses. We went home after a long and fruitful day and enjoyed a simple supper while reviewing our good fortune.

There was one outlet I’d hoped to visit that day, but we just couldn’t squeeze it in. Since it’s close to the house, and I had a bit of energy left, I decided to trek over after supper and do a very quick round. After all, everything is half-price there on weekends; how could I miss this golden opportunity!?

Since I didn’t have much time before the store closed, I knew I had to be strategic in my search. I mapped out the store in my mind: First, the household goods. Then, the furniture. Then, the linens. And then the clothing.

I found some more cool glassware and some sleek kitchen baskets in the household section and an artsy sweater rack in the furniture department. Nothing in the linens. Too bad. I found a great travel sack along the back wall. Exactly what we needed. Awesome! By now, it was getting late and I knew I had to move quickly through the clothing before the manager scooted me out. I made my way up and down the aisles, flipping hangers one by one as fast as my fingers would go. I paid attention only to the items I most needed and pulled only things that were in a size I knew would fit, excellent in price and condition and of colors that could work with my existing wardrobe. I was ecstatic at finding a decent handful of appealing and workable pieces.

I stuffed the items into my cart and headed for the checkout, just as the manager was making his sweep through the store. Whew. I wiped the “glow” from my brow and unloaded the cart. The entire cart-full came to $17.95.

“Wow. Not bad,” I prided myself. “For that money, even if all the pieces of clothing don’t work it will still have been worth it.”

I drove home and walked triumphantly in the door, laying out my findings on the dining room table in ceremonial fashion. As I laid out each piece, I began to chuckle. By the time I’d gotten them all out, I was laughing.

I had subconsciously chosen an entire outfit with interchangeable pieces!

Ah…the mind of a woman…

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