Honor FlightOn a trip recent home from an Austin, Texas speaking engagement, I had the moving experience in witnessing the ceremony of an Honor Flight preparing to take off.

Let me tell you, if you’ve never seen an Honor Flight event, strive to do so. It’s worth it.

Not only is the ceremony itself moving, but also moving is witnessing the effect it has on the people in the concourse. It elicits a wave of patriotism that is awesome, but even more, it elicits a wave of memories of loved ones who have fought to keep peace and freedom for our country.

When I posted about my experience on social media. I received a biting remark:

“I find military service incompatible with Christian non-violence.”

That comment provoked quiet a round of responses.

Although I was irked by the remark, I refrained from responding. I’ve been accused of being un-Christian before, and I probably will again. So be it. Everyone has their opinion.

The remark did, however, get me to thinking. So, I wrote about this in my latest post  for National Catholic Register.

IS it incompatible with Christian non-violence to honor was veterans?

Decide for yourself. 



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