WoG Kindergartener s5-19-16

I’m back home from the EWTN Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. I had a marvelous time taping a 5-part series of shows with Johnnette Benkovic for Women of Grace. The series is called,  Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: Untying Life’s Tangles. Johnnette is a wonderful woman and a pleasure to work with. She also is an excellent interviewer and made my job very easy!

I don’t yet have the air dates for the shows, but when I do, be assured that I will share them with you.

While we were taping the shows, we had the great gift of a surprise visit from the kindergarten class of Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Schools. The kids were cute as buttons and oh-so well behaved! I had no idea anyone was taping our visit and only happened upon this video a short while ago. I thought you’d enjoy joining our little visit and having a sneak peak at the show.

You can view the video, posted on the Women of Grace Facebook page, at the link below..

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