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I’ve been learning a lot throughout this surgical adventure of the past few weeks

I’ve learned an awful lot about the human body, particularly the spine and central nervous system.

I’ve learned alot about people and relationships. I never fully understood the meaning of “fair weather friend” until now,

I’ve certainly learned alot about Mayo Clinic.

And, the whole route to and from Mayo Clinic and my home town is familiar territory,

I’ve also learned that consistency isn’t all it’s cracked up to be,

I rrecently heard one of those time efficiency experts on the radio, He was talking about consistency as a vital ingredient for productivity and success, The guy is very smart, and he was right, Consistency is a vital ingredient to productivity and success.

But sometimes, it’x more productive , and successful to be inconsistent,

I’m thinking now of physical healing, but I believe this applies to any kind of healing or uncertainty.

Sometimes it’s more consistent to be inconsistent,

Let me explain. In my present state – recovering from major surgery – I have my good days and my not-good days, In fact, I have my good hours and not-good hours. I can go for long periods of time with little or no pain, and then suddenly be reaching for medication and slumping back into the recliner. I can have a burst of energy and feel almost normal again, and then be suddenly, debilitated with exhaustion. I can get a slew of writing done or emails answered one day, and the next I get nothing done.

My consistent pattern is inconsistency.

And that’s okay, because this is right where God wants me to be right now in my life. It’s definitely NOT my prime choice for how I want things to go, but it’s his will, and so I go along with it.

He is my loving Father. He knows what is best for me.

Odd as it may sound, there is a distinct element of consistency in this inconsistency. In the pain, frustration, uncertainty and fear – yes, I admit this whole thing can be scary at times – I consistently reach out to the heavenly Father.

What am I reaching for?

Balance. Assurance, Strength. Courage. And love. Mostly love.

I need to be reminded again and again of his love for me. Not because I doubt his love, but because I struggle with my ability to comprehend its vastness. This whole surgery thing isn’t as much about my body as it is about my soul.

In my inconsistency of ups and downs, I must consistently turn to the Father and allow myself to be drawn into his All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All-Mighty and All-Loving Father heart.

When I am incapable of being the consistent person I long to be, when I am at my most vulnerable and miserable, then I am most loved by the heavenly Father.

The Father’s heart cannot resist the helplessness of the child.

This is as true for you as it is for me. Whether  you’re recovering from surgery, illness, accident, addiction, loss, crisis, or mishap of any kind, your helplessness is irresistible to the heavenly Father. Your life may be a complete mess of chaos and confusion, and that’s okay. You may be incapable of any kind of consistency whatsoever, and that’s okay, too.

The Father loves and cherishes you in your misery.

Reach out to him; he’s waiting to take you up and enfold you in his arms. Allow yourself to be his helpless child.

That’s the only consistency you need right now.



stephanie · July 12, 2016 at 9:06 am

As I battle chronic Lyme disease I am in years listening to you on relevant radio and reading your article. I have had good days and bad days for many years before my diagnosis and still do now that I am in treatment. I long for a time when I can consistently hold down a job and maintain relationships. Thank you for sharing what you’ve been learning. I hadnt thought of things from your perspective and it really has helped. Stephanie in New Jersey

Louise Ramey · July 12, 2016 at 1:05 pm

So needed this! My health is on the “roller coaster” again. Thanks for your insights and will continue to pray for you~

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