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As you know, I had major surgery at the end of June to correct some problems in my cervical spine. The surgery was a huge success, I’m mending well and returning to normal activity (thanks be to God AND to your prayers). I’m delighted with the results and extremely happy I had the surgery.

I honestly feel better than ever. 

However, my ensuing medical bills are mounting and so I’m asking you to do two simple things.

  1. Buy my books. As an incentive, for the entire month of September, I’ll be offering 10% off everything in my Bookstore.  That’s right! From my newest, award-winning, best-sellintg Our Lady, Undoer of Knots: A Living Novena to the old favorite, When’s God Gonna Show Up? and everything in between will be marked down. Buy copies to replace your worn ones, get the ones you’ve been dying to buy but haven’t yet, purchase copies as gifts for family, friends, and folks who’ve done done you a favor. Just buy my books.
  2. Encourage others to buy my books. Share this post on your social media, email it to fellow book lovers, round up a group of friends and start a book club. Just let others know I need them to buy my books.

That’s it!

I simply want to raise the money to pay the medical bills by selling my books – at a 10% discount. The sale begins September 1 and runs through September 30.

It’s a win-win for both of us!

Thanks in advance for your support. And, thanks again for your prayers, expressions of concern, and encouragement during these past months. It’s meant a great deal to me!

Be assured of my prayers for you in return because I know that you, too, have pressing needs and special intentions.

God bless you and all that you do!

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