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I’m sure you know the feeling – there are so many things you want to get done, but only so many you can get done.

That’s how this past week was for me. My recovery has been going very well, but I’m still finding myself lacking the full amount of energy I need to keep on top of things.

So, a few things slipped past me, as I’m sure you can understand.

Here’s a brief summary of posts and items of interest I’d like to draw your attention to:

The Catholic Church recently observed the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist. I reflected on the memorial and my trip to Herod’s castle in Jordan in

Pray to be Less Like Herod and More Like John the Baptist.

More and more frequently, the word “unrest” is popping up in news outlets and on social media. I wrote about why I’m learning to loathe that word in

I’m Learning to Loathe the Word “Unrest”

On Labor Day, I found my rest in Christ and shared with others how they can do the same (hint: in this regard every day is Labor Day) in

Find Rest in Christ this Labor Day

Those who were unable to attend Mother Teresa’s canonization still can participate! I include the pdf of the booklet for her Mass of Canonization here.

A Simple Way You Can Join in Mother Teresa’s Canonization – Right from Your Home! 

Mother Teresa didn’t know the language of all the people she served. Yet, she could communicate with them via her contagious smile. Here’s how you can do the same:

Take Mother Teresa’s Advice and SMILE!

Did you celebrate the Blessed Mother’s birthday? In case you missed it – or didn’t celebrate as you would have liked – there’s still time. Here’s how:

It’s Your Mother’s Birthday! How Will You Celebrate the Nativity of Mary?

Finally, a reminder that my September Sale is on. Everything in my Bookstore is 10% OFF! through September 30. I’ll personally inscribe every book with the message of your choice. That’s a deal you won’t find anywhere else! Please, do purchase from my Bookstore and encourage others to do the same. It will help my family and me greatly. God bless you in advance!


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