Waiting on the Rock

Anyone who hears my words and puts them into practice is like the wise man who built his house on rock. When the rainy season set in, the torrents came and the winds blew and buffeted his house. It did not collapse; it had been solidly set on rock. (Mt 7:24-25)

Jesus’ words in Matthew’s Gospel are reflected in a Medieval saying that goes something like this: Every kingdom rises and falls according to the foundation upon which it is built. Jesus knows that in order to remain firm and steadfast in our faith until his coming we’ll need a secure foundation on which to rest.

I’d like to think that I rest on a firm foundation. I hear the gospels at Mass and put them into practice, right? Not always. I have good intentions, but they don’t always match my actions. The torrents come and the winds blow and my foundations doesn’t seem as secure any more.

Mary, your house was built on rock. When the rains came – when you found yourself pregnant before marriage – you didn’t waiver in your faith. Instead, you rested quietly and patiently on your foundation, waiting for the truth to be revealed. I want to rest patiently on my rock, waiting for the truth to be revealed in my heart when our Savior comes on Christmas morning.

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