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It’s going to happen again. I won’t be able to march in person at the March for Life.

This year is the 44th anniversary of the March, which will take place on Friday, January 27 in Washington DC. The events kick off at 11:45am Eastern Time and will include musical entertainment, a rally, march, testimonies from post-abortive women (and men), visits with US House and Senate members and more. Speakers will include Kellyanne Conway, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and Abby Johnson, among others.

I want to be there, but can’t for various reasons. So, as I wrote about last year for the Register, I’ve decided to March from Home. Not as in tromping around my house, but rather as in participating in the March spiritually and prayerfully.

I’ll be spending Friday, January 27 praying and fasting for an end to abortion.

Of course, I’ll tune into EWTN’s Live Coverage and listen to Relevant Radio’s Live Coverage of the March, so that I can see and “feel” all that’s going on. But primarily, I’ll be spending my day offering all I can spiritually.

I spoke about my resolve to March from home last year on Relevant Radio’s Morning AirShow.  and in the course of my banter with host John Harper, the term “Fast Friday” came to be. We spread the word via social media (#FastFriday) and encouraged others to join Fast Friday by marching from home and contributing spiritually through prayer and fasting. It went over very well.

Relevant Radio has taken up the baton this year as well by holding a Virtual March and encouraging others to “Fast for Life.”   I’m joining in the effort, too, and we’re spreading the word for others to join. We’re using the hashtag #fastforlife. will be on the show on Monday, January 23 at 8:45am Central Time to chat about it.

From their website:

On January 27th, thousands upon thousands of people will gather together in Washington, D.C. to remember the more than 55 million Americans who have been lost to abortion. They march to remember the moms and dads who have suffered from the pain of abortion. They march with the vision of a culture of life, one where every child is welcomed, and protected by law.

Don’t you see that there is so much at stake here?

I love that the theme for this year’s March for Life is “The Power of One.” That is exactly right. We often think that we’re only one person, so what can we do about it anyway? Or, we’re only one person, so we won’t be missed if we don’t participate.

We aren’t only one person. We can do a lot about it. And, we will be missed if we don’t participate.

Our prayers and fasting – even from home, even coming silently without the sound of footsteps – will help to end abortion and heal the wounds caused by it.

That’s The Power of One.

You are that one. I’m joining and am inviting you to join the March virtually and spiritually if you can’t make it physically. Your spiritual presence counts!

So, please. Join the March for Life. From wherever you are!





Image: Wikimedia Commons


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