Waiting in Grief

Just so, it is no part of your heavenly Father’s plan that a single one of these little ones shall ever come to grief. (Mt 18:14)

This is how Jesus ended his parable about the shepherd who had one hundred sheep. When one of them got lost, he left the other ninety-nine behind in order to search for the one. He had ninety-nine in hand, why did he risk his own welfare for the sake of the one? How could any sheep be that important?

It’s not just any sheep. It’s a unique and valued sheep. That sheep is me, and the shepherd is our Lord. He’s willing to risk anything to come after me – even his own life. He doesn’t want me to come to grief; it’s not in the heavenly Father’s plan.

Mary, you also are one of the little ones. Perhaps you felt like a lost sheep as you waited for the birth of the Savior. You felt the grief of your people and longed for their redemption. I long for redemption, too. Sometimes it feels as though I’m lost in the grief around me. and I can’t find my way. Help me to be confident that my Shepherd will risk all to find me, because he doesn’t want me to come to grief.

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