Waiting with Eyes Unveiled

The utterance of one who hears what God says, and knows what the Most High knows, of one who sees what the Almighty sees, enraptured, and with eyes unveiled: How goodly are your tents, O Jacob; your encampments, O Israel! (Num 24: 4-5)

In the 13th century B.C. a wise man from the East, Balaam, prophesied to the Israelites. He lauded this nation and predicted that it would see future glory and kinship. The Messiah, of course, was the fulfillment of this prophecy. Only someone whose eye is true and unveiled, who allows himself to become enraptured by God’s presence, could see what the Almighty sees.

I can get a glimpse of what the Almighty sees if I unveil my eyes. What does he see? He sees his only Begotten Son sent in human form to redeem the world. Often I don’t see the fullness of his gift because my eyes are veiled by cynicism and despair. Sometimes they become untrue through anger and prejudice. God’s grace can unveil them, but I must first open my heart to that grace.

Mary, your eyes were unveiled. You opened your heart to God’s grace and experienced the fullness of his gift. Unveil my eyes so that, on Christmas Day, I can see what the Almighty sees.

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