Waiting in Obedience

“Which of the two did what the father wanted?” They said, “The second.” Jesus said to them, “Let me make it clear that tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you.” (Mt 21:31)

Jesus told a story to the chief priests and elders about a father with two sons. The first son was asked to do something and told his father that he would do it right away. Then he never did it at all. The second son initially said “no” but then reconsidered and did it anyway.

Am I the first son, or the second son in regard to the heavenly Father’s will for me? Do I say, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll do it” but then never do it anyway? Or do I initially resist but then follow his will after all? This kind of obedience requires a deep humility. It’s only when I admit my defiance and insignificance before the Omnipotent God that I can recognize that he really does know better than I do.

Mary, you were neither son. Rather, you were the Daughter of Zion. You awaited the birth of Jesus in lowliness, humbling yourself in perfect obedience before the heavenly Father. I can’t always manage that. Please help me to experience my own lowliness so that I may obey God’s will as you did.

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