St. Matthew, Marge Fenelon, Tax Collectors, Publicans, Relevant Radio

Karel van der Pluym, ‘St. Matthew and the Angel’, ca. 1655-1660

Matthew was a publican when our Lord approached him. Publicans were Jews who worked for Rome by collecting taxes for Caesar. Often, they charged more than was required and kept the extra for themselves. They were seen as ruthless traitors. Even though they were Jews, the other Jews hated them.

Jesus saw something in Matthew that others hadn’t. He chose him to one of the Twelve and he went on to spread the Good News as far as Ethiopia. He wrote a Gospel that is cherished to this day. He died a martyr’s death for the sake of our Lord.

Who knew a shifty tax collector was capable of such important work for Christ?

Today the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of St. Matthew and I’m asking myself, Who are the Matthew’s in my life?

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