Oklahoma Catholic Women’s Conference

Here are some photos of the magnificent Oklahoma Catholic Women’s Conference coordinated by a group of wonderful, holy women.

In the first photo, Sharmane Adams is delighting the audience with her incredible voice in song and testimony.

In the second photo, yours truly is opening minds and hearts to the fact that our Blessed Mother is always right there waiting to introduce herself to us.

In the third photo, Archbishop Beltran is celebrating Mass with the 400-some people who attended. Numbers were down this year because of the blizzard that stalled 1/3 of the country in ice and drifts! The archbishop is a kind, loving, father who truly loves our Blessed Mother!

In the fourth photo, Colleen Hammond helps us take a deeper look at marriage & family. Her wit and wisdom is uplifting! Colleen’s flight was canceled and the roads impassable, so she came to us via Skpe.

In the fifth photo, Archbishop Beltran again.

In the sixth photo, conference guests spend time with our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration.

What a spirit-filled, incredible day! Hats off to the many women who worked so hard to make it happen – holy, dedicated women who love the Church and are willing to go the extra mile (in this case the extra many miles) for her. Thanks, Oklahoma. You really made me feel welcome.


  1. So sorry I missed out on meeting you face-to-face!!! 🙁 Just by the pictures, I can tell the ladies were on fire for our Faith. So wish we could have met!!!

  2. Wife, mother, author, and columnist.

    I'm sorry, too, Colleen. Who knows what lies in the future, but I sure am hoping it includes a meeting!

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