As promised…

For those wonderful ladies who attended the Oklahoma Women’s Conference, here are the Catechism and Scripture references I used during my presentation. I really hope you take the time to go back, read them, contemplate them, and allow them to draw you into a deepening relationship with our Blessed Mother. I also encourage you to discover some other references on your own.

Catechism of the Catholic Church 968, 969

Luke 11:27-28
Matthew 1:18-19 (Unwed Mother)
Luke 2:6-7 (Young Mother)
Matthew 2:13-15 (Fleeing Mother)
John 2:1-5 (Attentive Mother)
John 19:25-27 (Grieving Mother-Child)

I’d love to hear about whatever discoveries you make as you further explore the magnificent woman who is my Mother, and your Mother, too!

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