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As far as great days go, my yesterday would not rate highly on the scale. It was nothing serious, really. Just a string of things going wrong that were more inconvenience than tragedy. You know that kind of day – I’m sure you’ve had them yourself.

I decided to change my “luck” by running some long-overdue errands after work and taking my lucky-charm husband along for good measure. As a treat, we planned to stop at our favorite tea shop to pick out a couple packages of specialty teas to bring home.

Of course I left my shopping list at home.

Thankfully, Son #3 was home and he was able to find said list, snap a picture of it and text it to me.

How did we ever survive before cell phones?

Finally able to complete my errands, husband and I headed over to the tea shop to revel in the tastes and smells of all the samples and then choose the ones that most tantalized our taste buds. We were relieved that, even with the shopping list delay, we still had almost an hour to spend in the tea shop. It was 7pm and they didn’t close until 8pm.

As we approached the shop, we saw a young woman bring in the sidewalk easel that listed the day’s specials. Not matter, we’d find out when we went in.

The two associates greeted us courteously when we entered, and we fell into our routine of sniffing, tasting, asking questions, debating, re-sniffing, re-tasting, asking more questions, and debating some more. We wanted just the right tea – strong but not too strong, fragrant but not overpowering, sweet but not too sweet. These things take time and consideration, after all. All the while, the associates were kind and informative.

We did notice that they’d begun to clear away the brewed-tea samples and thought it was a bit early to be doing that. We figured it was a slow night – we were the only two customers in the shop – and they were being nice about it, so why not?

Eventually, we decided on our two bags of gold (i.e., perfect teas to suit our discerning sniffers), and took them to the counter. Still courteous, the associates rang us up, packed us up, wished us a good evening, and we left, happily toting our treasure.

As we passed through the door, husband glanced back and saw the business hours sign – they close at 7pm, not 8pm! Yet, they’d not given us a drop of indication that they we closing when we walked in. They probably had no idea that they’d given me a great gift – kindness and patience at the end of a rough day. It eased my edginess and put me in a far better mood.

It’s those little things that mean oh-so much.

So, today I did a “little thing” for them in return. I called the tea shop and asked for the manager. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in the shop at that moment, so I told my story to the associate who’d answered the phone and requested that she relay it to the manager and the two associates who had waited on us last night. Furthermore, I asked that she extend my apologies for having kept them after hours and my gratitude for the kindness they’d shown husband and me.

Sometimes we’re treated with kindness or are the recipient of a favor and we don’t  realize it. Or, we don’t fully appreciate it. Even though it might seem like just a little thing, it’s a little thing that conveyed God’s grace and goodness from one human being to another. Why let that pass? Why not become the generator of a little thing for someone else? It’s those little things that mean oh-so much.


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