Mary, Rosary, October

Martin Schongauer – Madonna in Rose Garden

According to the Dictionary of English Etymology, the word “rosary” comes from the Latin “Rosarium … signifying properly a collection or garland of roses, was a title of many works … consisting of compendiums of flowers as it were culled from preceding authors … In the course of time the name was specially appropriated to a string of Paternosters and Ave Marias to be recited in a certain order in honour of the fifteen mysteries of our Lord in which the Virgin was a partaker, and from the collection of prayers the name was transferred to the string of beads used for the purpose of keeping count in the recitation.”

But, it’s so much more than that. Consider this quote from Pope Benedict XV:

“The Rosary is the mystic crown which Christian people place every day on the queenly head of the Mother of God. It is certainly the most beautiful flower of human piety and the most beautiful source of heavenly graces. This prayer is perfect because of the praise it offers, because of the lessons it imparts, because of the graces it obtains, and because of the triumphs it achieves.” ~Pope Benedict XV

It’s the month of October – the month dedicated to the holy Rosary and to our Blessed Mother, Mary. How will you crown our Lady of the Rosary today?


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