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I’m ever-so grateful to author and speaker Brandon Harvey for taking the time to give an analytical read and review of my new book, 10 Promises of Jesus: Stories and Scripture Reflections about Suffering and JoyBrandon has quite a rack of credentials and experience, and I’m humbled that someone so seasoned thought so highly of my work.

From his page at Amazing Catechists, here’s Brandon’s bio:

About Brandon Harvey

Brandon Harvey is a Teacher, Speaker and Theological Consultant who resides in Omaha, Nebraska. While receiving a BA in Theology and Philosophy minor, an MA in Theology (Franciscan University), and continued graduate studies in Liturgy, he has spent the last 12 years teaching adults, deacon candidates, catechists, Catholic school teachers, college students, teenagers, and children.

Since 2007 Mr. Harvey has given nearly 100 theological presentations at conferences, retreats, parishes, and various groups. He has also spent the last several years providing theological consultation for Catholic films and books for children, and has developed various catechetical resources and materials being used by Catholic children around the country. He is known for his expertise in liturgical catechesis and pedagogical methodology.

In addition to teaching, Mr. Harvey has also spent time working in fields of evangelization. He served as the first Director of Youth Ministry at the Cathedral of the Epiphany, served as the first Director of Adult Evangelization at Christ the King Church in Omaha, and served as the first full-time Headmaster of Chesterton Academy of Omaha (renamed St. Barnabas Academy).

He married his high-school sweetheart from Gretna Public High School. They have four children.

And here is his YouTube video review of  10 Promises:

If you’d like to peruse the written review on his blog, click here.


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