At Pentecost, the focus tends to be on the Apostles, and that’s understandable. As a result of the coming of the Holy Spirit, our Lord’s disciples – now filled with courage – began their mission to form the Church and take the Good News to the ends of the earth.

But the person I think about at Pentecost is Mary.

Mary was seeing Jesus’ life’s work culminate before her very eyes in the words and actions, in the persons, of the Apostles. These were the timorous men who’d once turned their backs on Jesus, but who now were out in the streets boldly preaching, teaching, and baptizing. They’d left behind their cowardice and taken up the Spirit, so to speak. They were heading out onto the streets despite the danger of themselves being arrested and crucified as Jesus had been. They were committed to fulfill the mission Jesus had given to them with out regard to personal cost.

I can imagine that Mary, with her motherly heart and closeness to her Son, was ever-so proud of the Apostles. I can imagine her face, beaming with joy, and her lips offering prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God. Because of the important position the Apostles had in Jesus’ life, they must have had an important position in Mary’s life as well. Every good mother takes interest in her children’s friends because of their closeness to her child. Often, they become like her own children and hold a special place in her heart.

I know this from my own life. Because of my love for my children, I care about what and who they care about and love who they love, in spite of anything that may have happened in the past. They become a part of me because they are a part of my children. Mary is both natural and supernatural mother, and her love is far more pure and encompassing than mine.

Pentecost has many faces – from the Apostles and other followers, to Jesus’ proud mama, to the 3000 who were baptized that day. All of them were affected by the holy fire of the Spirit (directly or indirectly), and all of them are worth meditating upon this Pentecost.

As for me, I’ll be meditating on the joy and pride of our Blessed Mother at the miraculous transformation of the Apostles and the birth of the Church.




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