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You liked the newsletter, you’ll LOVE the podcast!

My newsletter, Simply Holy, became a popular feature here at Marge Steinhage Fenelon with its special blend of faith and life wrapped in simple, everyday spirituality. I’m so grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback that I received and I shared your disappointment when I had to push the pause button for the newsletter.

Well, your disappointment is about to turn to JOY!

Simply Holy was so popular that I’ve decided to bring it back to life as a podcast! That’s right, Simply Holy is now a weekly podcast carried on Breadbox Media as well as PodBean, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, Google Play, and via RSS feed.

What’s more, I’ve spiced things up a bit to give the show a broad, friendly appeal peppered with wisdom from Scripture, the saints, and real-life examples. Together, you and I will discover ways to uncomplicate and clear the obstacles to holiness while learning genuine discipleship even amidst the bedlam of life. Filled with joy, sincerity, and touches of humor, my simplified approach to holiness will help you to better understand the Catholic faith and become a more genuine disciple of Christ with Mary as mentor. 

Simply Holy, Podcast, Marge Fenelon, HolinessHere’s a preview of the first few shows.

Simply Holy 001: What Can Hebrews 12:14 Teach Us About Holiness?

Hebrews 12:14 instructs us to “make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy” because no one without holiness will see the Lord. So, does that mean you have to be a perfect saint to be accepted into heaven? In this show, Marge unpacks this short but powerful passage by revealing its meaning for those of us who are less than perfect.

Simply Holy 002: A Modern Day Israelite in Egypt: Why Has God Led You to Where You are Today?

The Israelites experienced real hardship as slaves in Egypt, and they cried to God for help. When God did help by bringing them up out of Egypt they again experienced hardship and complained, claiming that they were better off before. You, too, have been brought up out of Egypt – your own personal one. Why has God led you through all that and to where to are today? The answer lies in Leviticus 11:45.

Simply Holy 003: A Fool for Christ? What’s Does that Mean?

Are you a fool for Christ, or are you merely being foolish? In his First Letter to the Corinthians, St. Paul wrote to that we must be fools for Christ in order to be genuine disciples. Isaiah 35:8 tells us that those who follow the Way of Holiness – even if they are fools – will never go astray. Being a fool for the sake of Christ is not the same as being foolish. Tune in to discover the difference between the two and how you, too, can and must be a fool for Christ.

That’s just the beginning – I have so much more in store for you!

So tune in each week to Simply Holy on Breadbox Media and start clearing the obstacles to holiness so you can become a genuine disciple of Christ with Mary as mentor.

You liked the newsletter, you’ll LOVE the podcast!








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