Baptism in the Basilica

“Baptism in the Basilica” Friedrich Carl Mayer (1824-1903)

Some time ago, I attended a Mass celebrated by a holy priest from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fr. Jean Pierre was studying at a Catholic university near my home in the Midwest and he often celebrated the weekly evening Mass held in the nearby Schoenstatt Marian Shrine. Fr. Jean Pierre had a wonderful gift for engaging the congregation in his homilies and, since the shrine was fairly small – seating only 30 or so people – there was opportunity for dialog about the Readings.

On this particular evening, one of the attendees asked him whether he missed his family since he was so far from home.

His reply was, “I’m baptized!”

Fr. Jean Pierre’s ensuing response was a simple yet profound explanation of what it truly means to be baptized. Read more in my latest post for National Catholic Register.


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