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Blast Off!

My dad loved the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He followed their program religiously. He saved the editions of the afternoon paper that covered the program’s progress and televised launches were a big event in our house. Dad would move the armchair front and center before the television, and we’d gather around him to witness live what seemed an impossibility when he was a kid. I don’t know what was more exciting – the launch itself, or watching Dad’s face during the count-down and blast off.

Today, in my mind’s eye, I’m huddled next to the armchair again, watching another launch. This time, however, it’s my own launch as I count down an blast off my new website, thanks to the expertise of Gardenside Studios. I’m excited to have you here with me, in order to enjoy this moment together. Not only is it an exciting launch, but the ensuing flight will continue to get better and better.

As I write, the count down already has begun. If we hurry, we can catch up:

3…2…1…………………………Blast Off!

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