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Who Do You Think About at Pentecost?

I can imagine that Mary, with her motherly heart and closeness to her Son, was ever-so proud of the Apostles. I can imagine her face, beaming with joy, and her lips offering prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God. Because of the important position the Apostles had in Jesus’ life, they must have had an important position in Mary’s life as well.


Why is It So Hard to Forgive?

It can be so very hard to forgive. But, Jesus requires us to – not just once, but repeatedly and completely. In this episode of Everyday Spirituality, I talk about the devastating effects of unforgiveness and the one essential component in the forgiveness process that we all seem to miss.

How Will Mary Visit YOU today?

Mary does come to us, however. She comes to us every day, will day long, and in so many ways each day. She visits us in our homes, our cars, workplaces, schools, even at the gym, library, or grocery store. She comes to visit us wherever we are and whatever we’re doing.