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Here in the Midwest, the winds of fall have begun to blow, as we’ve experienced our first few cool-temperature days.

In our backyard, we have an old ash tree that seems to get a bit mixed up. It begins dropping its leaves annually at the beginning of September, and by now our grass and garden already are filled with it’s crisp, yellow leaves.

Seems as though it just can’t wait for the change of seasons.

In a way, I can’t either.

Certainly I’ll miss those warm summer breezes and evening walks along the shore of Lake Michigan. I’ll miss sitting out on our upper back deck (aka “The Refuge). Many a night my husband and I have chatted there about the day’s events or sometimes not chatted at all.

We’ve got a few more weeks of all that, but then it will turn too chilly to do most of those things.

Still, I’m looking forward to bundling in jeans and a sweater and tromping through the incredible crisp reds, oranges, and browns of fall leaves. The park down the road from us becomes a veritable carpet of them and the jewels still clinging to the trees become a brilliant prism of flaming color.

I love it!

When the children were young, we had the tradition of taking a Fenelon Family fall photo in that park, and it was fun to compare the pictures from year to year. Now that the kids are grown, it’s difficult to get everyone together at once, which makes the fall photo collection even more precious.

Fall brings a change in seasons for my work as well.

Typically, summers are slow speaking-wise and the events begin to gear up when fall approaches. This year is no different, and I already have a number of fun engagements on my calendar.

The first takes place October 5 at St. Andrew Parish Center in Milford, Ohio. I’ll be presenting “Mary, Undoer of Knots,” as part of a benefit for HOPE (Holy Land Outreach Promoting Education). Hope is a non-profit organization that works hard (and succeeds!) at educating folks about the importance of appreciating and sustaining the Holy Land sites.

I’m looking forward to my trip to Ohio!

I’m taking the second half of October and first half of November off for an important family event.


The following months will find me in various parts of Wisconsin, California, and Arizona.

I am absolutely ecstatic!

I’ll be sure to let you know more as the details of those events are finalized.

In the meantime, I wish you all the blessings of this early fall.




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