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As I wrote for the Register, the Presentation of the Lord is the last step in the Nativity story.

The daily Mass readings have skipped around a bit since Christmas, highlighting events that took place in Jesus’ adult years. With today’s readings, we’re taken back to his Infancy as the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, in which the Holy Family went to the Temple in Jerusalem forty days after the birth of their Son. According to Jewish law, the first born son was to be consecrated to God and the mother was to have undergone a purification process culminating in this visit to the Temple.

Another name for today’s feast is Candlemas, in symbolic commemoration of the Light of Christ having been revealed, first to the prophet Simeon and prophetess Anna, and then to all mankind.

As I wrote in my Register post,

“Anna saw God’s face in the face of Mary’s Baby and in that moment, her life was fulfilled. After eighty-four years of waiting for the Savior, the latter many of which she’d spent in prayer and worship in the Temple. Her life changes upon seeing the Redeemer. Once quiet and introspected, she suddenly gives thanks to God and speaks to everyone she can about the Child.”

Anna receives the Light of Christ and then rushes to pass it on to others.

How have you received the Light of Christ? How will you pass it on to others?

Good fodder for our meditation today.



Image: Menologian of Basil, Presentation, Wikimedia Commons


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