Tragically, there are countless persons who have been wounded by negligent or improper parenting. Even more tragically, they don’t even know that healing is at hand. They don’t understand that Mary is the answer to their quest for hope, healing, and wholeness.

Mary cares for our souls in a way that no human mother ever could – even the most wonderful, loving one! It’s that burning charity that motivates her to work tirelessly for our salvation. She wants our salvation so desperately that she appeared many times over the centuries, sharing messages of hope and calling for prayer and conversion. When she appeared to two children on September 19, 1846 in La Sallette, France, our Lady told them, “I want that everybody be saved, the good as well as the bad. I am the Mother of Love, the Mother of all; you are all my children. Therefore, I wish you all to be saved. This is the reason I am inviting the entire world to prayer.” Her desire that all should be saved is born of a mother’s deep and lasting love for her children.

Reach out to someone in some small way today. Better yet, reach out to someone you know is in need for real healing. Show them Mary’s love for them by being Mary’s love for them . Together, we pray:

O Mother, in your holy heart
deeply inscribe each name
And as a sign that we are yours
write it with blood and flame.
In love and childlike gratitude
your name shall also be
Deeply inscribed within my heart
for all eternity.*

*Taken from Heavenwards, by Fr. Joseph Kentenich


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