Forgiving Mother Pre-Release Novena Day Nine

Forgiving Mother, Marge Fenelon, Mother Wound

Darkness – in the sense of that which results from sin – is not of God. It’s from the evil one. Therefore, we must resist it and counter it in every possible way.


“For someone who has a troubled mother, it’s easy to get sucked into the darkness. Be it from mental or spiritual illness or outright sinfulness, our mothers are trapped in a kind of darkness that may be keeping them from walking in Christ’s light. If we stay close to Jesus and his mother—our mother—our own sins will be forgiven, and we’ll be able to forgive our mothers’ sins.”

Let us pray for those who are trapped in darkness, that they may seek God and obtain from him the grace and guidance to step into the light.

O Mother, in your holy heart
deeply inscribe each name
And as a sign that we are yours
write it with blood and flame.
In love and childlike gratitude
your name shall also be
Deeply inscribed within my heart
for all eternity.*
*Taken from Heavenwards, by Fr. Joseph Kentenich

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