I receive so many requests for prayers on a regular basis! The need for prayer is so great – so many are suffering in so many ways! Then there are those who are seeking direction and hope in their lives. And then, there are those with grateful hearts who wish to offer prayers of thanksgiving. They all come to me asking for prayers. Of course, I gladly pray for them, entrust them and their petitions to our Blessed Mother Mary,  and encourage them to pray for others who are in need.

Because this has become so popular, I’ve decided to include it in a weekly blog post called “Prayer Power,” this being the first. Enter your request in the comment section below. If you prefer, send it to me privately using my Prayer Request form. Either way, I promise to include you in my prayers. In turn, I ask that you pray for others who have shared their prayer requests with me. Great things happen when people pray for and with one another.

That’s Prayer Power.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to the miracles big and small that will happen because of our mutual prayers!


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