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The web is filled with articles and instructions for how to make your own face mask for protection against coronavirus. I’ve seen a number of them that instruct how to make face masks for medical personnel, too. I have a number of medical personnel in my family, and the idea of folks making masks to help protect them in this crisis of medical supply shortages touches my heart deeply.

While making your own face mask might bring you peace of mind, there are some things you need to know before you consider yourself fully protected. Additionally, there are some cautions about homemade masks for medical staff. It’s not as simple as some may think.

Here is an article I found about the pros and cons of homemade masks for both private and medical use. Please read through it before you consider making masks for yourself or others. It’s a fairly easy read: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/homemade-face-masks-coronavirus-n95-what-the-cdc-says-and-everything-to-know/

Below are three different methods for making face masks, including one from Deaconness Health Systems. (Again, please read the above article before you start making face masks for medical personnel).

Right now, our Lord is asking us to undergo a tremendous trial and that can make us feel like victims rather than cherished Children of God. Engaging in productive, helpful endeavors can help us to pull out of our victim attitude and give us a way to feel helpful. So, whether you decide to undertake the making of face masks or some other form of outreach, you’ll be doing much good for yourself and others. It will bring a light of joy into this dark time.

Above all, make prayer a constant in your life. If you’re making something to give away or making any other kind gesture, offer a quick prayer for the person who will receive it. Pray for people you don’t know as well as people you do. Just pray. You, me, everyone in the world is a cherished Child of God. We are much loved and he will not abandon us in our need.


No-Sew Face Mask


Face Mask for Medical Personnel from Deaconness


Easy DIY Face Mask


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Cpq · April 2, 2020 at 10:29 pm

Masks are good to keep us from touching our faces.

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